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June 23rd


The 23rd of June will be an unforgettable evening at Camping Village Pappasole.

The Pappasole is tinged with pink and the pool area becomes the backdrop of a magical night all pink: the Miami Flamingo Party!

From 18:00 everyone to the Pappacaffè to enjoy the aperitif of the evening “the Pink Queen” and then all to dinner at the Pappa Risto who proposes the theme dish: tartare of curl with pink grapefruit!

The evening will begin at 22:00, all on the track at the dance rhythm of Dj Samuel Kimkò.

Of course there will be the bartender with Marco Puccini who will quench your thirst with his delicious Mojito!

We all look forward to wearing pink clothing because the real show will be you!

Forbidden to miss!