Swimming pool opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.




Our guests are asked to use the main entrance with the foot-washer and respect the following rules:

1. Guests are allowed to enter the pool by wearing wooden shoes or rubber slippers. Dogs or other animals, bicycles and glass objects are not allowed.

2. Before entering the pool, it is recommended to wait at least 3 hours from the last meal.

3. It is compulsory to have a shower before entering the pool.

4. The highest limit of bathers at the same time in the 1st pool is 200, 2nd one is 115, the 3rd one is 140, the 4th one is 30.

5. Children under 3 years must wear a diaper or a hygienic waterproof swimsuit.

6. For sun beds and umbrellas you have to ask the lifeguard.

7. The depth of water is reported at every poolside: 1st pool from 1.15 ml to 1.35 ml, the 2nd pool from 0.30 ml to 0.65 ml, 3rd pool 0.90 ml, 4th pool 0.80 ml.

8. It is forbidden to dive, run or play with balloons and air mattresses.

9. It is forbidden to displace umbrellas and sunbeds or occupy them with personal effects while you are absent for long periods.

10. Children under 14 years old can enter the pool only if accompanied by an adult.

11. The bathing is forbidden with bad weather conditions.

12. The Direction is not responsible for accidents and injuries that can occur for improper behaviors.

13. The alarm device is located nearby pool n.1.

14. The first aid kit is available by the lifeguard.

15. First aid number 118.

16. During the low season, no lifeguard is expected.

17. The rule breakers will be dismissed by the lifeguard.

18. The responsible for the pools is Dr. Andrea Marchettini.