The washing machines and dryers are inside the groups of toilet facilities 1,2,3,4 and run with coins. Outside the reception there is also an automatic coin change.

Due to hygiene reasons, it is forbidden to wash and dry shoes and articles for animals.

The machines work with coins and the price are:

Washing machine: 3.00 euros. This washing machine requires the addition of soap

Washing machine with soap and oxygen: 4.00 euros. This washing machine includes soap and oxygene aktif

Dryer: 3.00 euros.


How to use the Laundromat:

1. Load laundry (no more than 3 Kg) and close lid

2. Select your language

3. Select the type of program from 1 to 8

4. Insert coins (€ 0.50-€1.00-€2.00). ATTENTION!!! NO REFUND. When you insert coins, you can check the amount

5. Press START

Legend symbols:


LAVATRICE = Washing Machine


IN FUNZIONE = on work = orange color

DISPONIBILE = available = green color

To check the free washing machines

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