Saturday, June 30th we thought two very special events for you…


On the afternoon of Saturday, June 30th, you will be able to train yourself to the rhythm of body Balance, water Fit, Sh ‘ bam and body Combat.

They are all group workouts that have different characteristics:

  • Body Balance is a workout that serves to build flexibility and strength leaving a wonderful feeling of calm and concentration
  • Water Fit is a cardiovascular workout in the water that serves to build strength and stamina.
  • Sh ‘ BAM is a workout made of easy dance combinations that sculpt the physical
  • Body Combat is a cardiovascular workout that frees you from stress


Come and try them with us!


Are you ready to unleash the rhythm of Latin American music?

Saturday, June 30th from 22:00 in our magical animation staff awaits you under the marquee to make you dance and amuse!

Do not miss!