Our territory offers suggestive sceneries to discover and savor… and in summer offers events to be missed

Here are some suggestions for this week…

Between Land and sea


The camping village Pappasole has many strong points, one definitely is the location.
Suspended between land and sea, is in the heart of a hug, that of Mother Nature. Rolling hills that plunge into the sea are enveloping arms, protective hills inland represent the safe back and the plain is the warm chest that gives us the possibility of abandonment. This abandonment is guarded by the island of Elba, which offers shelter from the currents and winds, keeping, together with the two points, the promontory of Piombino and Punta Ala, a water always clear and little turbulent.
A dance of landscapes and colors, Therefore, from the green hills to the blue sea, but if we enter we will be amazed even more!
The Maquis is the Queen of our hills and houses a varied flora, including Holm Oaks, Cork oaks, Heather, mastic, Laurel, Strawberry tree, myrtle, broom. Only here you can be intoxicated with smells and colors unique in their kind.
The most beautiful thing is that there are many parks and trails to venture into so that you can enjoy living all that the spot has to offer. So why not take a ride in the nearby Montioni Park?
Before diving into the sea, I recommend you to look carefully at the path you are doing. From our campsite in a few minutes, you can reach the coastal park of Sterpaia, which is not just any park, but a protected area: a humid forest that, long ago, characterized the whole Maremma.
Coastal dunes shaded by the domestic pine trees are the naturalistic element that separates you from magnificent beaches of clear and fine sand that plunge into the crystal clear sea.
What to say instead of the show that you will enjoy from the beach? The Elbe stands out in front of us, on the left emerge other islets, and if the weather is favorable, you can also enjoy the view of Montecristo, and why not, of Corsica.

1 We run the park of STERPAIA

Friday 6 July

Would you like to discover our territory by walking or running?

Why not participate in the non-competitive race with a free gait of 9 km and walk?

The meeting is at 17:30 at the Pineta in front of the Horizon Beach at the parking of the 3. Parking will be free for participants at 17:30 hours.

The inscription costs 7.00 euro and is possible to or directly on site from 17:30.

Medals and Race pack with technical jersey to the first 200 members!

There will be final prizes in addition to the fun of running in one of the most beautiful places on our coast!

Finally Pasta Party at the end of the race and musical entertainment at the Horizon Beach bathroom!

Learn more about the event, ask about the reception

Itinerant Party 2018

Piombino Sunday, July 1

Sunday, July 1 from 9.00 to 24.00 hours in Via Petrarca and Piazza della Constitution will be the summer market:

150 benches of clothing, objects, handicrafts, curiosities, gastronomy, typical Tuscan products enliven the streets of Piombino

At 24.00 p.m. Do not miss the spectacular fireworks

Artisan Beer Festival

Campiglia Marittima 6 and 7 July

Friday 6 and Saturday, July 7 in the center of Campiglia Marittima (LI) will be held the 5th edition of the long-awaited beer festival. The gastronomic stands and breweries will occupy the main squares of the city, to offer many good beers and live music.

The program of the Artisan Beer Festival will offer tasting points for artisan beers. In the evening, they will perform the musical groups that entertain young and old.