Our territory offers suggestive sceneries to discover and savor… and in summer offers events to be missed

Here are some suggestions for this week…

Our cuisine, our tradition

The territory is not made of only panoramas to admire, but it is also made of traditions and original recipes… The territory is also the food linked to the traditions! Throughout the year are offered festivals that allow us to taste and sometimes taste forgotten flavors, or never known, but linked to our land.

Here I try to list and describe some typical Tuscan Maremma dishes. But first I would like to explain the story that gave rise to our dishes so poor, but so tasty!

The Maremma was a vast marshy area characterised by difficult living conditions. The inhabitants of this region lived long in the “blackest misery”, this condition is testified also by the poverty of the typical dishes, which range from products of land to products of sea.

Some examples of known dishes are the cooked water, the Ribollita, the pappardelle with hare or wild boar sauce, the pici with rag├╣, the croutons al Fegatini, the Cacciucco. It should be stressed that each area and each person adds variants to the recipes.

Below you find the ingredients of this area of course.

First of all, Acquacotta, a simple dish, is a poor soup, originally made with water and few spices. Further ingredients are added: eggs, onions, tomatoes, celery leaves, slices of stale homemade bread, basil, olive oil, pepper, salt and pecorino.

Even the Ribollita is a soup, even there are those who say that it is the soup par excellence, made with a few vegetables and bread (strictly Tuscan, ie without salt) stale. The ingredients are once again simple and come from our land: cannellini beans, black cabbage, verza, olive oil, vegetable broth, carrots, celery, leek, tomato, garlic, rosemary, tuscan bread and grated cheese.

The Cacciucco alla Livornese is another soup, but fish though! The ingredients come strictly from the sea with the addition of traditional vegetables: veracious octopus, cuttlefish, smoothscorpionfishesn fishes, tracine, priests, bantams, cicadas, tomato paste, olive oil, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, sage, chilli, Slices of stale and toasted Tuscan bread.

Finally you can not miss the dessert, although a bit ‘ out of time in summer since they are usually prepared for the Father’s day, but still remain a traditional dessert: the pancakes of St. Joseph. These are rice pancakes, quick and easy to prepare, whose ingredients are rice, milk, eggs, flour, sugar and butter!

You just have to go for festivals and taste what is proposed, so much to bring home also the memory of the flavors linked to a land so rich!

Festival of Cacciucco and steak

From 13/7/2018 to 22/7/2018

Venturina Terme

At Venturina, at the Venturina Terme Exhibition Centre, the 6th edition of the Cacciucco and Steak Festival will be held. The event will take place every evening from 13 to 22 July.

It is, therefore, a menu that combines sea and land specialties what will be proposed to the participants of this gastronomic event. Among the fish dishes, there will be the cacciucco, typical dish of Leghorn cuisine, but also other delicacies such as sea salad and mixed fry. The beef steak is flanked by other specialties such as the Tuscan appetizer, the Maremmani Tortelli, the mixed barbecue and the mixed cheeses.

The festival’s program also includes various entertainments, including a Beach Soccer tournament that will last all 10 days of the event. There will be evening shows in the dedicated area and the inflatable to entertain the little ones.

Octopus Festival

San Vincenzo


Appointment to the sports facilities of San Vincenzo for the 2018 edition of the Sagra del Octopus, which brings to the table several specialties of the sea including fresh tortelli with octopus sauce, half sleeves to the rock, Octopus to the devil and marinated octopus. Dining after dinner.

Festival of Pappardella

From 19/7 to 22/7

San Vincenzo

From 19/7 to 22/7 from 19:00 it is possible to savor many recipes that have as the protagonist the Pappardella.